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Marketing for Photographers

Photography is undoubtedly a very competitive business, and marketing is a critical strategy that can mean the difference between success and failure. Photographers need to attract potential clients and raise awareness of their business. There are some tried, and tested techniques that can get a brand noticed ahead of its competitors. Primarily, these are digital marketing methods for fast results.

Create Stories on Instagram

Instagram is a visual social media platform, ideal for photographers, and can showcase a portfolio. Every photo tells a story. Suppose a talented photographer can create a narrative to go with each picture. In that case, visitors will be captivated and could become new clients.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads give a photographer the opportunity to connect with a target audience. The ads require payment but can be successful when aimed at a particular audience in need of a photographer.

Start a Blog

It would be rare these days for a business not to have a digital presence through a website. However, rather than just focusing on sales, having a written blog is a great way to attract followers and subscribers. Readers can learn why the photographer first got into the industry, building up a personal picture and encouraging trust. Testimonials from previous work should always be requested and posted on the blog.

Other photography marketing methods include having a Google My Business listing and the use of Google ad campaigns can be effective.